Delight your friends and family with the extraordinary food prepared in best traditions of Philadelphia hospitality specifically for you.

Our Steaks:

Philly cheesesteak

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve never been to Philadelphia.
A sandwich made from thin sliced beefsteak pieces and a cheese melted just perfectly and all that is served in the ‘submarine’. 

Chicken Philly

It’s made with chicken instead of beef.

Pizza steak

A cheesesteak topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella.

Veggie Philly

A cheesesteak where meat and cheese are replaced with vegan ingredients: seitan, mushrooms and soy-based cheese.

Our pizza:

Macaroni pizza stuffed with cheese

Actually it’s reverse, but this way sounds better:) Who said you can’t combine macaroni & cheese crusts within a pizza?

Square pizza

Tomatoes, crusty bacon, pepperoni, salami, parmesan and hot sauce… it’s just what you need if you are hungry like a wolf.

‘Four friends’ pizza

You want a pizza with cheese and your friend wants only veggies, but your girlfriend likes sausages and pastrami? And nobody except one loves pineapples. Four friends pizza was created to make everyone happy!

Dessert pizza

What will it be if you add Nutella, Philadelphia cheese, chopped almonds, crushed biscuits and a sprig of fresh mint? The best dessert for people of all age.

Our Specials:

Soft pretzels

Pretzels are for life.

Tomato Pie

No cheese, only the tomato sauce and you hooked to this pie. Trust us.

Lobster Roll

We bring Maine to you with lobsters softer than butter.

Crab Fries

There’s nothing better to have a bunch of Crab Fries, a glass of Pennsylvania pale ale and the whole crowd cheering for the Eagles.